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BEE UKRAINE enamel pin badge
This little bee pin is a charity limited edition in the Ukrainian colours of yellow + blue

£2 from the sale of each of this pin badge design will go to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.
Photographs of the donation receipts will be put on our social media feeds when the donations are made.

Thank you very much for your support

This item is our own design and copyrighted by The Manchester Bee Company / ManBeeCo and therefore unauthorized re-sale is not permitted.
We are not currently accepting bulk purchases of this design.

© ManBeeCo 2022

Size : 24 mm x 14 mm

Yellow + blue bee body + grey wings with silver coloured detail + outline
Push button clamp to secure the pin
Product card designed by fingsMCR

The Manchester Bee Company also known as ManBeeCo is an independent small business since 2013.
We do not trade under any other name, so please be aware of businesses imitating us with similar names - if in doubt, please message us first to check.

**This item can be sent direct as a gift. Please pop a note on your order or use the contact form with your gift wording to the recipient**

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